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TAKE TIME: We chat to AÃRK Collective

May 20, 2015.

 Twisted Time x AÃRK Interview

GR_AARKcollective_Portrait_WEBSara Su (left), Auver Austria (right)                                                       Above image: Gianna Rizzo

Talk us through the AÃRK team, who does what roles?

My name is Auver Cedric Austria and I am the Creative Director and co-founder of AÃRK Collective. As my title suggests, I’m in charge of all creative from branding to product design.

The other team members include Sara Su who is also co-founder and our Company Director who leads all major operations, Celica Austria our Marketing Manager and Karla Magayanes our Project Manager.

How did you all meet?

Well, the AÃRK team actually comprises of two couples; Sara & Celica, and Karla & myself. Celica is actually my sister and I have been friends with Sara for a long time so we are in fact all family!


Talk us through the inspiration and concept behind the new collection?

The 002 Collection borrows from the ideas of time and space as a reflection of how we measure time and the rotation of the Earth’s orbit around the sun. I drew inspiration from the ‘golden record’ aboard NASA’s Voyager interstellar mission as I liked the idea of its purpose: it’s a communication disc that depicts a glimpse of humanity to whomever finds it.

The moon and asteroids were also a reference for me, as were the design of spacial instruments and satellites. The design of each model reflects this theme through our choices of materials/finishes, the thickness of the timepieces and even the way the indices/markers of the watch face have been laid out to signify sun rays.

The Shell is based on the exterior of the watch which is a reference to planets and rocks. The idea is that the acetate patterns are all unique like the inanimate rocks you would find in space. The Eclipse comes from the idea of day and night and the interaction between the Earth’s orbit in relation to the Sun. The Tide references the rise and fall of the sea caused by the pull of the moon and sun, as seen in the unique tidal hour hand and ray-like indices. The Eon is about instruments of time with more intricate line-work and the layered face/body like that of a vortex.


With this being the second collection to come out of AÃRK Collective did you approach this collection differently from the first?

With this collection we focused more attention to the watch face and took cues from classic watch design. For this range it wasn’t only about trying new ideas, but also improving and maturing the brand by introducing premium components such as Swiss Movement and American Horween leather. Understanding that we have matured gave us an opportunity to take a step back and reassess our brand. Our brand is very much us, we grow and we change with it.


We noticed you recently launched your new website, what influences the AÃRK aesthetic?

We wanted to keep things fresh, simplify what we had and have the website reflect this whilst focusing on the art. We design for ourselves and likeminded individuals. We like to keep it simple and geometric which is the underlying aesthetic of the brand. It’s always our goal to inject our personality and quirk into everything we do so people notice something distinct about our work.

Are you wearing a watch today? If so describe the timepiece and why you choose it?

Today I am wearing the Tide model in Gold from our latest 002 Collection. I really love the thin profile of the case on my wrist and it’s our first watch to use a Swiss Movement.


What does the next 6 months hold for AÃRK?

We have a collaboration in the works which we’ll be revealing mid year, but we can’t tell you too much! We're always thinking of new products and new ideas to explore so keep your eyes peeled.


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