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AÃRK Watches

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AÃRK Watches

Our approach to design is neither rushed nor forced; it is considered, nurtured and organic. We design with originality and sincerity, listening to our instincts to inform our choices. 

Aiming for perfect harmony between design, functionality and aesthetics, we meticulously scope and constantly refine each detail; the essential structure of each watch is inspired by our appreciation of geometry, graphic elements and minimalist design. 

It is the process of balancing these factors with the unique function of each movement that forms the individual characteristics of our timepieces. 

The foundation of each AÃRK Collective watch is formed from the combination of traditional values of craftsmanship and the best modern manufacturing techniques. 

We believe quality starts with the raw material; therefore, our timepieces are made with only the most trusted components, including 316L surgical steel, Italian calfskin leather and precision Japanese Quartz movements.

Such dedication to AÃRK’s signature minimalist, yet elegant, design can be seen in such models as the Shell, Eclipse and Classic watches. The Shell is defined by its playful charm and balance of beauty and functionality; the Eclipse explores the notion of duality, of the stark contrasts in light and dark, and of the unfaltering movement of time, whilst the Classic is just that – a bold example of classic craftsmanship, available in a range of colours to suit different personalities and styles.

Each and every AÃRK watch undergoes rigorous testing in order to certify reliability, along with careful assembly by the most expert hands, all of which ensures that our timepieces are built to withstand life’s daily hustles. All AÃRK watches are made to be loved and to last. 

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