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VOID Watches

VOID Watches

VOID Watches is a new, independent boutique watch brand launched in 2008 as the single vision of Swedish designer David Ericsson. This daring and diverse range offers unique takes of classic deigns, with the focus being on sharp contours, brushed metals, bold colours and detailed precision.

VOID Watches take a uncommon approach to watch design using simple yet expressive shapes, giving our watches an almost architectural expression, something which perfectly suits the ethos and character of our design. Architecture is the delicate balance of technology, design, statement and psychology, something that unconsciously creates emotion and fuels curiosity, this is what we hope to achieve through our design and the quality of the products we create.

In a similar fashion that a perfectly designed building is created to fit its environment, all VOID Watches are made to sit perfectly, no unnecessary weight, no sharp edges, just simple, sleek and comfortable. Represented clearly in the V03C, V03M and V03P.

Another great example of the fluidity of the VOID approach is the Void V03D, which challenges the traditional look of an analogue watch by making it as simple as possible. The V03D layers the minute numbers directly underneath the hour markers, keeping the roundness of the dial as the focus of the design. It is made from stainless steel and mounted on a soft leather strap that quickly moulds to the wearer's wrist.

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