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TRIWA Watches

TRIWA Watches

A TRIWA wrist watch is not only a ticking piece of precision machinery, its functionality is secondary to a design that can only be described as being the perfect marriage of contemporary style and ageless refinement.

The enduring form of a TRIWA watch exudes self-confidence and integrity, something that is impossible to duplicate. The courage and determination of TRIWA’s designers ensures that if an imposter attempted to replicate the work they do, they would find it impossible to encapsulate the high standards of reliability and truthfulness.

Taking influence from the styling of the Art Deco period, to contemporary trends, via vintage and classic designs, TRIWA knows form, spirit and method, something that can clearly be seen in the range of watches available. Suiting any age or inclination, the options speak to us as individuals, of our past, of our future, our hopes and desires, and of the endless possibilities of growth.

One of their most distinguished models is the TRIWA Nevil watch, a timeless, lightweight chronograph unisex watch that’s powered by a precision led Citizen Miyota chronograph movement. Other notable designs include the TRIWA Falken, the Klinga, and the Sort of Black.

One of the special features of the Nevil watch is the strap, which is made from organic leather sourced from the Swedish organic tannery Tärnsjö. This will mean the watch sits comfortably and gently on the wrist and is highly suitable for everyday wear.

A TRIWA watch means something to everybody, but for us it is a celebration of art and design, the true pillars of human ingenuity, expression and achievement.

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