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Projects Watches

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Projects Watches

Projects watches began life as a celebration of the role in which architecture plays in our every day lives. They set out to raise the understanding and appreciation of design, regardless of what form it may take. In 1992 it began to explore the enduring romance of timepieces, and quickly became recognised for classic design at affordable prices.

Projects (whose motto is “Architecture you can wear”) designs their watches to be modest, current and stylish, experimenting with the form to breathe new life into classics, as well as reinventing the possibilities of the wristwatch. With designs influenced by the notions of the past, present and the future, as well playfully exploring the duality of light and dark, Projects are fearless in their pursuit of unorthodox delivery.

With a host of designers providing separate voices to achieve their aims, Projects boasts a rich range of individualised works, each incredibly diverse from one another, yet somehow uniform in their tone and address. Take for example the ’Till and the 'Reveal' watches designed by Daniel Will-Harris, the latter finding a unique way to tell the time. Using cut-outs on rotating disks and special looking glass effects, you will literally see the present blur into the past before the future sharpens into focus.

Another great design from Will-Harris is the Past, Present, Future watch. Telling the time in only one place on the watch's dial, the purpose of this design is to make you focus on the present and to forget about what is in the past and to not worry about what is coming in the future. As they say, there's no time like the present.

More individualised works come from Denis Guidone in the wonderfully simplistic Crossover and Sometimes watches, Laurinda Spear's Free Time (available in 33 and 40mm), Michael Graves' Newark Ltd Edition and Tilbor Kalman's classic Bodoni Black.

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