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Nava Watches

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Nava Watches

Since the company’s beginnings in 1970, Nava has worked with many leading international designers. The partnerships that were formed between the company and these designers have allowed Nava to create a very strong link between initial creative design and the final end results. The continued refinement of the products that Nava creates somehow manage to find the right balance between functionality and aesthetic sensitivity, something that happens to be at the very heart of the Nava philosophy. This is only reinforced by the use of refined materials, resulting in the quality and innovation that characterise their products.

Designer Denis Guidone, has produced a new series for Nava. The collection includes four watches, available in various colours. Each tells time in its own unique way, utilising various trends and technologies to achieve their individualism, namely the Nava Ora Lattea watch which gives new meaning to the expression "hands-free". It's also indulgently minimalist, bravely monochrome and is highly unlikely to go unnoticed. Two dots take the place of hours and minute hands, the bigger of the two marking out the hours and the fixed dot in the middle marks the dial's centre point giving the Italian designed watch a bit more symmetry.

In addition to the Ora Lattea, the Ora Unica is an utterly unique take on the traditional timepiece. The forms, wiggles and circular oddities warp into telling time via the ‘start’ and ‘end’ of the line created.

The Nava watch range are a fascinating contrast of chaos and order that speak of the themes of youthfulness and of the fleeting fragility of time.

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