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Lexon Watches

Lexon Watches

For the last 25 years, LEXON have directed their efforts in one clear and precise direction. No matter what they do, the end result has to abide to a simple rule: be enjoyable and useful. This universal commitment spans the entirety of the goods produced by the company. In their own words they state that in order to make an object enjoyable for its daily use it must adhere to a “unique, artistic and industrial equation, [making it] timeless and functional.”

The founder of LEXON is René Adda, who has always shown a passion for the beauty and perfection of simple objects which is demonstrated in the timeless simplicity of the Take Time and the Scout watch designs. His design education has come from a long contact with designers worldwide, and accredits his ability to design on simple ideas from a pure feeling of instinct.

As the company expanded, LEXON has become the accumulative effort of senior and young designers, where the process of development is enhanced by the use of a diverse range of technologies and materials. LEXON has a clear goal and believes in the simple philosophy of creating goods that are both functional and engaging.

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