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Junghans Watches

Junghans Watches

Ideas, innovation and design have a long heritage at Junghans. Long before a Junghans watch finds its way to its owner’s wrist, market trends are analyzed and new technologies are developed in their R &D facilities. This creative process is the take-off point for each and every one of their timepieces – and has been for precisely 150 years.

A watch’s character is primarily reflected through the harmonious interplay of its case and dial. As varied as the individual watch collections at Junghans may be, time and its legibility have always been and will always be the central focus in the development of a Junghans timepiece.

Over and above legibility, a watch’s functionality, its ergonomic handling, as well as manufacturing and assembly-related criteria, are put through stringent testing. And it is only once all factors have been addressed to the satisfaction of our designers and watchmakers, that we proceed to manufacturing individual components. For us, it is a given that quality is always top priority.

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