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Chi and Chi Watches

Chi and Chi Watches

Founded in 2013, Chi and Chi is a design studio based in Taiwan who take a particular interest in the relationships between people and objects. Chi and Chi create objects with content and purpose, with simple functions that they feel peacefully suit their surroundings.

Chi and Chi acknowledge that the little things in life can mean something different to everybody. They feel that the objects we use in our daily lives are in danger of being taken for granted, and that people may get used to them, or disregard or forget about them altogether. But Chi and Chi task themselves with digging those ‘things’ out and reinventing them into something that works better, looks nicer, and make someone’s day that much happier.

Chi and Chi believe in this core fundamental, that’s what helps fuel the fire of their creativity. Their watches exist in their essential forms, using appropriate materials and in simple shapes and colours. Their Polygon Watch range feature modern timepieces of refined detail. All the elements of the watch are shaped into unique geometrical forms. The 24-cut case and dial present the time in a distinctive aesthetic way.

Twisted Time is proud to be an official stockist of Chi and Chi Watches