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Botta Watches

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Botta Watches

German designer Klaus Botta founded Botta-Design in the 1980s whilst still in university. Today he oversees the design and production of a range of consumer and industrial products, his focus being on reducing the items to their most essential components. However, there is certainly a hidden depth to Botta Watches, which are designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and physically solid. Quality is what defines Botta Watches, and everything the company produces is designed precisely and built to last. 

They are one of the few watch brands that still designs, develops and produces solely in Germany – something which they feel helps to define their core ethos, an indication or defining quality - a guarantee of professionalism, expert execution, and of long-term durability. For Botta, the devil is in the details, and it is the individual components that truly speak to the piece as a whole. From the anti-allergenic calf nappa leather strap (which is vegetable tanned, water-repellent, soft and extremely comfortable), to the sapphire, non-reflecting glass; the machined case of stainless steel or titanium; the specially developed functional dials; and the precision hands themselves, everything comes together to create something both pleasing to the eye, yet solidly durable to last.

Following manual assembly, each and every watch undergoes a multistage testing process and several accuracy checks. It is all the care and attention that makes a Botta watch what it is.

The defining models of Botta are the DUO 24, the UNO 24, and the UNO 24 NEO; designs featuring a unique function that gives the Botta brand its individuality. Each is unique due to the defining one-handed 24-hour analogue design. The DUO 24 is able to display two different time zones at the same time due to the adjustable inner piece, whilst the UNO 24, and the comparatively slicker and cleaner UNO 24 NEO, both feature all 24 hours on one watch face, without compromising design, aesthetic or functionality.

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