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Alessi Watches

Alessi Watches

The Italian designer brand ALESSI was founded in 1921 at Omegna on Lake Orta by Giovanni Alessi, who was a skilful metalwork and descendant of an ancient family of craftsmen from the Strona valley in North-western Italy. His son Carlo directed the company towards a new direction during the 1950s, and by 1970 ALESSI had evolved from a normal factory with a standard production line into a fully functioning research laboratory in the field of the applied arts. Convinced that design is one of the most typical forms of art and poetry of our times, ALESSI called upon the best talents of the international design scene.

ALESSI is renowned for delivering high-spec, high-end tools and utensils, adding elegance and flair to everyday objects, something that was a foundation for their internationally celebrated watch collection. ALESSI watches for men and women are strongly influenced by the designers they have collaborated with, and the work of illustrious architects and manufacturers of both commercial and industrial products.

In their own words, ALESSI are engaged in a game of opposites, of “Eccentricity and style, playfulness and culture, irony and elegance”, something that their years of experience have allowed them to fully understand and purposefully engage with.

A strong example of the work accomplished by ALESSI in the world of timepieces is their ALESSI Out Time Watch. This flagship model manages to effortlessly blend the use of high quality materials into a unique and subtle design. The numbers of the watch face are expertly etched into the edge of the watch, something that is shaping it to be a modern classic in itself.

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