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A frank and honest review of the Eone Bradley Watch..

November 11, 2014.

jill wallWe spoke to Insight Radio presenter Jill Daley about the new Eone Bradley watch and she gave us a very honest and frank review of the timepiece.

Jill Daley Interview for Eone Watch

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do professionally?

My name is Jill Daley and I present the lunch time show on Insight Radio, Europe’s first radio station for blind and partially sighted people, broadcasting from our Glasgow studio, to the whole of the UK. My show focuses on magazines, showbiz gossip, fashion, health and beauty, and making it all accessible to blind and partially sighted people. I lost my sight completely at the age of 19 in the space of 2 weeks, due to a condition called diabetic retinopathy, where the blood vessels in my eyes haemorrhaged and destroyed my retinas.

As you can imagine, losing my sight as a teenager was really tough, but it was important to me to get back to some sort of normality as soon as I could, which included getting back to the way I looked. Having always had a love for make up and fashion, I was surprised at people’s reactions to me wanting to look good again, in fact, people would regularly ask me why I bothered, when I couldn’t see myself, which I found really weird, as I still had pride in myself.

The first thing I was given as a visual aid, was a talking watch. It was amazing to be able to tell the time again, you really take it for granted just how many times you check the clock in one day without realising. Although this watch was a great help to me, I always hid it under the sleeve of my jumper or top, as it was really ugly, and seriously un-cool! When I wanted to wear short sleeved tops, the watch had to be hidden in my bag, or in the pocket of my jeans, as it really didn’t complete the look I was trying to achieve. It was black plastic, bulky, had a big red button on the front to press for the time, and to be honest, not to sound flippant, it screamed ‘I am blind’ as no one with their eyesight would wear it.


2. Had you heard about the Bradley watch before?

Working for a radio station that caters for the UK’s blind and partially sighted community, I get to hear about the latest in many advancements in eye health and visual aid technology, and although I didn’t know that this watch was called the Bradley, I had over heard a conversation with a couple of my colleagues who were intrigued by this new watch, but didn’t think any more of it until I actually got one and tried it for myself.

 3. Whats your thoughts on the design and functionality of the watch? 

The first thing that really struck me when I received my parcel through the post, was the beautiful presentation box. I know that it shouldn’t really matter, and that I can’t see it anyway, but it felt expensive and heavy, and just added that feeling of quality to the product its self

On opening the box, I was like a child at Christmas, The first thing I noticed was the weight. It is a heavy watch, but not too heavy, just the kind of weight you would expect from a good quality watch. Then I ran my fingers over the face of the watch, it felt modern, funky and the kind of watch that would suit either a man or a woman, in fact, my partner was really impressed and told me that if I didn’t want to wear it, then he would, which is high praise indeed, as my partner is very fussy about his watches!

I was a little frightened to be too heavy handed with the ball-bearings, as I knew from experience of using a Braille watch many years ago, that the hands can sometimes come off, and the hands can move, so you don’t get an accurate time reading. However, everything was sturdy, and even when I did knock the ball off it’s runner, it was just a case of shaking my wrist and it popped back into it’s proper place at the proper time, which really impressed me. The ball, incidentally is always attached to the runner, so there is no chance of it falling off the face of the watch. I have only been wearing the Bradley for a few days now, but already, I can’t imagine not having it on my wrist. Feeling for the ball bearings and working out the time, has become a very natural process to me.

4. Can you tell us what you enjoy most about the watch and what other people have said about it?

It is great being able to wear a watch again, particularly one that is universal, in that anyone can wear it, men, women, sighted blind, it doesn’t matter It’s not being marketed at any particular group, other than people that want to look stylish. I also love the fact that I can sit in work meetings, at friends houses or just chatting to people in general and discreetly check what the time is, without appearing rude. I have had talking watches and Braille watches over the years, but only for practicality, definitely not for style so the Bradley makes me feel on a par with my sighted friends and colleagues.

 5. The Bradley watch has been nominated for product of the year by the design museum, how important is design to you in products that you buy?

Some people have the misconception that when you are blind, that the look of a product doesn’t matter, as you can’t see it anyway. I lost my sight nearly 20 years ago and consider myself really blessed to have had 19 years of perfect sight, long enough to know what things look like, what colours are, what my family look like, but there are people who have never had sight, and have no reference point when it comes to describing things like colour, how do you describe the colour blue to someone that has never seen anything blue? To tell them that blue is the colour of the sea means nothing, if they have never seen the sea.

My point is, just because you lose your sight, or have never had sight, doesn’t mean to say that you don’t want to look good. keep up to date with fashion, make up or any of the things that your friends are in to, in fact, it is more important to some blind people that I have met than some of my sighted friends!

When people ask me why I bother with my make up, hair, fashion, why I have the latest trendy products in my home etc. I have to explain to them that even though I can’t see, I have a very visual memory for colour and what things look like, so I take a pride in all these things, but the other reason is that other people can see me, my home, and all the things I buy to make everything as aesthetically beautiful to me in my minds eye, so why wouldn’t I want to keep up with the times?

That is why I love The Bradley so much, and I really appreciate that Twisted Time have asked my opinion of such an accessible watch, that also happens to be beautifully designed. I can’t recommend it enough to people, blind or not. The only difference from me using this watch to a sighted person using this watch is that they actually get to physically see the beauty of it.

Thanks Jill from all of the TTime team, we hope you continue to enjoy your new timepiece!!!

Lots of Love TTx

Jill is wearing the Bradley watch in yellow  . This week we launched the new Eone timepiece in a new sleek stainless steel black finish exclusive to Twisted Time, click the image below to shop.The-Bradley-black,-angle

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