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V03C and V03D by VOID: If it aint broke, don't fix it

December 17, 2012.

Here at Twisted Time, VOID watches have established themselves well as clean, modern and innovative designed time pieces that don't stray too far from the traditional and classic models that have long been loved. The two latest designs by VOID are no exceptions and confirms what we've been thinking about their watch designs for a while. If classic and clean aint broke, then don't try to fix it; simply reinterpret and upgrade it

Available in black or a black and silver combination, the V03C Chronograph keeps the full round watch case familiar to those who loved the V03A but additional details and features are introduced including the chronograph feature. The V03C also boasts a luxury Italian leather strap proving that a contemporary upgrade on a classic and comfortable design works and works well.

The V03D is a distant cousin to the V03C, a cool and style-concious distant cousin who has a tendency to keep things simple and not over complicate the things in life that matter; design being one of them. Again a Japanese Miyota movement keeps time and quality a priority, while the round case has been re-designed to give the watch a sleek and elegant look, one that is emphasised in the black and gold colour combination that this watch is available in. The alternative of a brushed copper case offset with the blue and grey is a striking combination that proves this watch is not just for the colour-conventional, who would certainly prefer the slick all black edition.

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