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The Best Watch Blogs in the World

May 12, 2014.


We love watches and we love people who love watches. It therefore makes sense that we also love watch blogs written by those who share their passion for horology and designer watches. To honour these enthusiastic watch fans we've compiled a list of the best wristwatch blogs out there so you can also follow them too.


Hodinkee Screenshot

Launched in 2008, HODINKEE has climbed its way to the top of online watch publications and in many ways the word "blog" does it a disservice. While now managed by a team of wristwatch enthusiasts, the founder Benjamin Clymer is still the driving force behind HODINKEE and he continues to write passionately about his favourite watches. This is the blog for you if you want reviews of and stories about both new and vintage luxury timepieces.

A Blog to Watch

A Blog to Watch Screenshot

Calling itself "the world's most popular watch blog", A Blog to Watch not only has a clever name but also a loyal following of watch fans who keep returning for reviews of new releases and expert knowledge about the art and science of watch making. Again this is a blog that has grown exponentially and there's now a team of more than ten writers creating daily content for A Blog to Watch.

Worn & Wound

Worn & Wound Screenshot

Another US-based blog specialising in reviewing wristwatches, Worn and Wound is a well-trusted source of latest news and extensive watch knowledge. There's no questioning the passion the Worn & Wound team have for wristwatches ,and the blog is worth dipping into for the Guides they write about very specific watch features and trends.


WatchReport Screenshot

A simple and clean blog, WatchReport states that it aims to provide unbiased, honest reviews that help a buyer find their perfect wristwatch. They do this by focusing on the functionality and value for money of new releases and also sharing relevant industry news and updates. With four regular writers the WatchReport prides itself on being completely independent.

The Time Bum

The Time Bum Screenshot

One of WatchReport's contributors is "The Time Bum" who pens his own blog of the same name, the focus of which is "exploring the world of watches on a budget". A lawyer by day, The Time Bum shares his reviews and thoughts on the world's best watches under $1000. He's even reviewed some of Twisted Time's best sellers like VOID.

Time Tapestry

Time Tapestry Screenshot

Singapore-based Raphael Too has been blogging about wristwatches since 2007 and covers product reviews, industry updates, brand profiles and reviews of watch shops he stumbles upon. Focusing on high-end and classic watch brands, Time Tapestry is worth bookmarking if you want to search the archives for more information about a certain model.

Bob's Watches Blog

Bob's Watches

The ultimate blog for Rolex superfans, Bob's Watches is the world's first pre-owned exchange for Rolex watch owners to buy and sell at market prices. Their accompanying blog is regularly updated with a surprising amount of news about arguably the world's most famous watch brand and this is definitely your first port of call if you're keen to know more about how to get your hands on a vintage Rolex.

Watch Time Blog

WatchTime.com Screenshot

Watch Time is America's premier magazine about wristwatches so it makes sense that their blog is a leading authority on the subject too. With retrospective looks at classic timepieces from the previous decades and feature-length articles about design trends, like this look at 5 Skull Watches We Can't Get Out of Our Heads. (And here is an alternative skull watch you may like!) . We definitely recommend signing up to Watch Time's free newsletter for regular industry news and reviews.

Fratello Watches

Fratellowatches.com Screenshot

Possibly the oldest blog on this list, Fratello Watches began in 2004 and has since grown to become one of the leading reviewers of new and vintage timepieces. Worth following if you're an Omega enthusiast as every week they share stories about an Omega Speedmaster on "Speedy Tuesdays". Established and managed by a Dutch team of writers, Fratello Watches is now a member of the Watch Experts and has an Instagram feed worth following. (For more Instagram feeds featuring lots of "watchporn" check out this article.)

Which Watch Today

Which Watch Today Screenshot

Penned by a Norwegian watch aficionado and collector, Which Watch Today follows his journey as he discovers old (and often broken or forgotten) vintage watches and tries to bring them to life. This blog is strangely addictive if you like discovering retro brands you've either never heard of or didn't know much about. We particularly liked that he celebrated May 4th recently by sharing the story of a Star Wars Stormtrooper LCD Watch.

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