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Ten Best Instagram Accounts for Watch Lovers

January 13, 2014.

Here is a round up of the ten great Instagram accounts for all you watch lovers out there...

1. @twistedtimepieces

Twisted Time on Instagram

Let's get the shameless plug out of the way, shall we? We're relatively new to Instagram but we're doing what we can to make up for lost #watchporn time. Follow us and tag your photos with #twistedtime so we can see your Twisted Time purchases sitting pretty on your wrists.

2. @thehorophile

The Horophile on Instagram

While his watches are perhaps a little traditional-classical for Twisted Time tastes, there's no denying that The Horophile lives up to the claims in his Instagram bio "No fancy cars, no buckets of champagne, just watches." Cop a load of this guy's wrist bling.

3. @danielwellingtonwatches

Daniel Wellington Instagram Account

One of our favourite brands and very popular with you too, Daniel Wellington's Instagram account is packed full of watchporn. Warning, following this account may damage your bank balance, but will seriously improve your sense of style.


Olivia Burton Watches on Instagram

Never before have bokeh effects made watchporn look so pretty thanks to the dreamy styling  on Olivia Burton's Instagram feed. Their photos are a wonderful example of how well they know their brand and their (very happy) customers. Keep up the great work, Olivia Burton - we're proud to be official stockists of your watches.

5. @watchesbySJX


Su Jia Xian is a watch collector from Singapore who blogs about his passion for wristwatches. This passion evidently spills into his Instagram where he shares photos of some of the world's most collectable modern and vintage timepieces.

6. @mrjoneswatches

Mr Jones Watches

Following Mr Jones Watches on Instagram is a little bit of a guessing game because you never really know what's going to come next, such is the outlandishly brilliant designs by this London-based brand.  As well as new releases they also share the occasional photo from a fine collection of their favourite vintage watchporn.

7. @hypergrandofficial

HyperGrand on Instagram

Another great example of a brand understanding their followers, HyperGrand's Instagram acccount oozes style, aesthetics and youth, just like their watches, which are available now on Twisted Time.

8. @lamercollections


As their strapline says, La Mer Collections' watches are inspired by adventures around the world, and so the La Mer Instagram account is a heady blend of jaw-dropping landscapes and colourful close-ups of their finest watches. If you're a globe-trotter who has as much wanderlust as you do watchporn-lust, this is the one you should follow.

9. @wristporn


This guy gets it and then some for it's a whole Instagram account dedicated to re-sharing your wristporn, which is just another word for our beloved watchporn. It's not about what you call it but how you wear it. Tag your photos #wristporn to be included in this feed.

10. @voidwatches


And finally another of our favourite brands, David Ericsson's VOID has quickly built a reputation for re-inventing the watch with both generous nods to proud tradition and modern design (the brand just released their first mechanical watch). We love how this is reflected in their Instagram feed, that and the random appearence of a rather cute small dog.

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