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TAKE TIME with Scottish Photographer Stewart Bryden

December 18, 2014.

Recently we caught up with one of our favourite Scottish photographers Stewart Bryden to see what's been keeping him busy of late.


1.Tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a full time freelance professional portrait and fashion photographer. I am originally from Ayrshire, Scotland, but these days I live some what of a Nomadic lifestyle, I travel as much as possible with work. I received my Honours degree in Photography proudly from the University of the West of Scotland, Glasgow. Post studies, I worked as a photography assistant, Working within the New York based studio of world-renowned American photographer & artist Ryan Mcginley. Since returning to the UK I continue to work with some of the worlds most up and coming and leading brands, celebrities and agencies.

2014 among others saw me Shoot my first international fashion magazine cover, become the Official Photographer for the Scottish Fashion Awards 2014 in London, A fashion Judge & Speaker at the Herald Fashion Awards held in Glasgow and earlier in the year a Fashion Panelist & Speaker for the BBC Radio 1 Academy 2014.

Stew 1

Photo: Jawn McClenaghan

2. How would you describe a typical day in your life?

Coffee, Photographs, Mac screens, Meetings, Emails & Travel.


3. What in particular inspires you the most these days?                   

In Particular at the moment; Scotland & its creative sector, LOVE, Dazed & Confused, IN BLOOM & Wonderland Publications - My close colleagues, Molly Sheridan (MUA), Tara Nowy (International Model) Christopher Millington (International Model) & Jawn McClenaghan (Portrait Photographer) But to be honest my inspirations come from anywhere and everyone, I keep my eyes open to the world, everything floods in and there is no filter


4.Are you wearing a watch today? If so describe the timepiece and why you choose it?                      

I am pretty minimalist most of the time, when it comes to accessories, furnishings in my studio etc. I feel less is more. So with that in mind I am wearing a Daniel Wellington Watch - Classic Bristol - Rose gold. Since discovering DW I had always meant to pick one up, Its classic, stylized, simple and elegant. I tend to dress mostly in Black, understated, My DW brings an element of Elegance to my usual ‘Hobo Chic’ look.


5. What are your next projects we should look out for?

I am rounding off 2014 with two of my biggest commissions of the year. Deadlines for both happen to be the 5thof January, Leading into the New Year on good stead. 2015 is looking to be picking up where this year has left off. I will be working in New York, Berlin, Japan and London thus far. I have a further two magazine covers to be published along with a plethora of interviews, collection look-book’s and editorials. To be honest I am more than happy continuing at the pace I have been, Aiming to be the best photographer I can possible be, forever learning. Its all about, levels and striving to reach the next one. Photography has taught me things about myself I didn’t know I was trying to discover. Best job I ever had…


To view the rest of Stewarts work: Stewart Bryden

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