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TAKE TIME: With menswear brand I LOVE UGLY.

January 8, 2015.


Zac Suvalko

This week Twisted Time launched the new I LOVE UGLY premium Archibald collection. The New Zealand based Menswear design house has been making waves for their leading menswear collections and inspiring look-book campaigns. We caught up with head designer Zac Suvalko to get the low down on the new Archibald watch collection.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your job role at I Love Ugly

Hi My Name is Zac Suvalko and im the Head Designer at I Love Ugly. I've been at ILU since about 2011. I’m in charge of all the garment/product design.

2. How would you describe a typical day in your life ?

Early Start of course, I try to get in the studio before most people just as I get a lot more done when alone and like to start my day with a step ahead. My day consists of a lot of design obviously and a lot of fit meetings etc. Since our brand releases 11 collections a year this means theres no real downtime, but when i’m not designing I’m planning the next collection so theres always a constant flow of work and for those that dont know the industry that means designing future ranges which are usually released a year from when you design them so its all about staying inspired and doing your homework!


3. ILU only moved into the watch world recently, what prompted that move?

Well Honestly, We have had watches in our product category for some time now, they were in fact one of our first product offerings outside garments. Watches have always done really well for us, we think it's because we made something that was slowly becoming irrelevant to our consumer (telling time on their iPhones instead), relevant again by designing beautifully simple wrist watches.

4. What was the inspiration behind the ILU Archibald collection ?

The Archibald Collection was an opportunity for I Love Ugly to release a more premium watch to its predecessors, We felt there was a gap in the market for that particular style of watch but at a
price point that was justifiable by the consumer, so in a nutshell we took an iconic watch design with the stainless steel mesh strap and refined the whole thing till what you are left with is the bare essentials of what you need on a watch but adding those signature details that make ILU products what they are.


5. Did you come up against any challenges while designing the collection?

No not particularly, the only thing was that it took a little longer than our other products as most of the components on them had to be made custom for that particular size as its slightly bigger than all of our other watches, I guess the more watches we do the more educated myself and our team are becoming with the mechanics of a watch so we are slowly becoming more confident and innovative in our designs.

6. Are you wearing a watch today? If so tell us about it?

In fact I am! I'm wearing our Chestnut watch from our first ever collection that we must have released a couple of year backs now, the leather strap is pretty worn out not but I love that about it, I love leather as it only gets better with age and wear.

7. I Love Ugly specilise in men’s wear, do you ever see the brand producing a woman’s line?

We get asked this question a lot recently, the answer is no, not likely. However the brand did release a womans collection back in its early conception but we quickly released what we were good at. We don't want to blur the vision of what we are ultimately after with our brand and that is to be one of the best menswear brands in the world so we feel if we stay true to that and all stay focused on a united goal then the chances of that happening are a lot greater.


8. What new projects should we look out for , personal or I love ugly related?

2015 will be a big year for I Love Ugly, I guess 2014 was more of a learning year and making sure all our systems are in tack etc, but this year you will see a lot stronger product, theres a couple of large collaborations in the works with some really credible international brands. At I Love Ugly we really promote our team doing their own personal projects outside work, weather its
Artwork, Photography and make music, most employees of ours are doing there own thing also.


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