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TAKE TIME with Future Positive

January 22, 2015.

Now that January is well and truly underway, the realisation that with a new year comes new exciting plans and that feeling of infinite opportunity. We decided to catch up with Edinburgh based duo Igor & Jakub from Future Positive who are helping us to be inspired by other peoples stories of success and vision. Founded in December 2012, Igor & Jakub set out to encapsulate the mood & vision of fellow creatives and entrepreneurs from different cities across the globe. Documenting  these stories through film, intimate interviews and exceptionally beautiful photography. Recently the pair launched Future Positive studio which offers services in creative content and social outreach. Read the Take Time interview below:

Future Positive by Levi Macdonald_1 (Photograph - Levi Macdonald)

Name: Igor & Jakub

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself and what your individual roles are at Future Positive?

Jakub: I was born in Poland but have been living in Edinburgh for the past 9 years, first studying and then working for different digital marketing agencies. Igor and I usually share similar responsibilities at Future Positive, but I’m normally in charge of the video content on the website and producing the features.

Igor: I’m a Spanish photographer and editor and, as Jakub, I also work in digital marketing. At Future Positive, I normally deal with all the contributing photographers and I’m also in charge of taking the photographs for the features produced here in Scotland.

Sparrow and Co._1

  1. How would you describe a typical day in your life?

 Igor: We’ve just recently launched Future Positive Studio, the digital & creative consultancy arm of Future Positive, so at the moment every day is different.

Jakub: We spend quite a lot of time in front of our computers, working on features for the website and on projects for clients. We normally have a few meetings every week where we meet new people we want to feature on Future Positive and clients we want to work with in the Studio.

  1. What was the inspiration for starting Future Positive?

Jakub: The main idea was to create an online platform where we could show all these creative projects and businesses from around the world that we found inspiring. All the individuals behind these projects decided to spend time doing what they love and we wanted to share their stories with a wider audience.

Igor: We wanted to create some kind of archive where people could go and find creative and entrepreneurial inspiration, with the hope of encouraging these people to start their own projects.

Brew Lab

  1. You feature city guides on future positive, tell us about your favorite city?

 Igor: It’s hard to choose a favourite city but we travelled to Antwerp last year to create one of our City Guides and I really enjoyed our stay there. It’s a small city but it has many cool shops, cafes and galleries.

Jakub: I’ve been to Berlin a couple of times and I really like how diverse the city is and how it constantly changes. Every neighborhood is different and there is so much contrast between Mitte and Kreuzberg for example. There’s always lots of things to do and new nice places to visit, not to mention the amazing history of the city.

  1. Igor we see you recently collated your Girls & Boys on Film project into book form, was that always your intention? Tell us a bit about it.

Igor: It kind of just happened to be honest. I’ve been editing film photography zines Girls on Film and Boys on Film since 2011 and last year I was approached by a publisher in South Korea to put together a couple of books with the best images from each zine. It worked out really well and we’ve just published the second volume of the Girls on Film book, which features interviews and work by 14 photographers. I’m currently working on the second volume of the Boys book, which should be out in around 3 months.

  1. Are any of you wearing a watch today? If so describe the timepiece and why you choose it?

Igor: I am wearing an all black Swatch watch. I actually didn’t choose it – it was a gift – but have worn it for a few years now.

Aloha Tatá

  1. Sum up 2014 in five words:

Jakub: Growth, experience, change, travel and creativity.

Marc Cairns

  1. What are your plans for Future Positive and where would you like to see it go?

 Igor: One of the main priorities for 2015 is to spread the news about Future Positive Studio and let more people know about what we do.

 Jakub: With Future Positive, we would like to focus a little more on all the interesting new businesses and projects based here in Scotland.

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