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TAKE TIME with design house Chi and Chi

January 5, 2015.


NEW at Twisted Time is the Polygon watch from design house Chi and Chi. Brothers Stephen Chiu and Leo Chiu launched Chi & Chi in 2013, as a design studio based in Taiwan; a place where they live, work and create. The Polygon watch is the first to come from the design duo and it certainly doesn't disappoint as a modern and unique timepiece with special geometric features. The elements on the watch are designed with simple geometrical forms consistently and unlike the usual round contours of regular watches, the 24-cut case and dial present the time in a distinctive aesthetic way which enriches the sense of touch as well as the sense of sight.


1. Tell us a bit about yourself:

Found in 2013, Chi and Chi is a design studio based in Taiwan which runs by two HongKongese brother; Stephen Chiu and Leo Chiu. We work together in designing products like lifestyle goods, stationary, accessories…
We at Chi and Chi with the objective to create something that work well, look nice, and make someone’s day better and happier.
2. How would you describe a typical day in your life?

Shifting between practical world, imaginary place and comfort zone.
We spend half day on contacting people, replying emails and communicate with factories, another half day for creating, sketching and developing ideas.
Then we spend the rest of time on sticking with family.


3. What in particular inspires you the most these days?

Our inspirations come from small things in our everyday life, and We pay attention to the relationships between people and objects.



4. Are you wearing a watch today? If so describe the timepiece and why you choose it?

Yes! We are wearing the first product of our studio, the Polygon Watch.
Unlike the usual round contours of regular watches, The 24-cut case and dial of the watch present the time in a distinctive aesthetic way which also can represent our attitude: Instead of smoothening the edges, we preserve the ‘edges’ in order to differentiate us from the conventional.

5. What are your next projects we should look out for?

Maybe a table clock or a wall clock (?)


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