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The Bottom of the Bottle: Introducing the Bottle Watch by Nava

July 29, 2014.


They say that the answers to life's problems can't be found at the bottom of a bottle.

We disagree.

Nava Watches have actually made the bottom of a bottle a very stylish solution to timekeeping in the form of their new watch, Bottle.


Inspired by the rivets found around the ridge on the base of a wine or beer bottle, these unisex watches are a perfect imitation of this instantly recognisable feature.

bottle-watchThe Bottle watch is designed by Industrial Facility, an international design collective founded in 2002. They specialise in matching design to purpose, or as Wallpaper magazine stated in 2008, "Industrial Facility creates new identities for lost objects," and they have previously worked their magic on a number of ranges of furniture, transportation and clothing.

The latest release by esteemed Italian brand Nava, this functional, simple design matches Nava's previous releases Plicate, Ora Unica and Stone watches.

nava-bottle-watch-grey-1 nava-bottle-watch-green-1 nava-bottle-watch-brown-1 nava-bottle-watch-blue-1

Available in four colours - grey (spirit), blue (water), brown (beer) and green (wine) - the analogue Bottle watch doesn't have numbers but it does have sixty nodules, one for each minute and each second of the day. And in case you were wondering, no, this was not an intentional adaptation of the design, but it was true to exactly how many rivets are found in a glass bottle.

Why don't you check the next time you're holding a wine or beer bottle in your hand?


Twisted Time is proud to be stockists of Bottle watches by Nava and you can find all four colours in store now.

Shop the Bottle watch by Nava now


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