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Smart Turnout's military style watches

July 26, 2013.

Straight out of London, Smart Turnout is a military inspired fashion brand regimentally committed to producing colourful, long-lasting clothing and accessories for the modern man. And watches. They do watches too, and that of course, is what we're about to salute as we welcome a number of Smart Turnout's watches to Twisted Time's shelves.

Smart Turnout

But first, why so military Smart Turnout? Well, with each regiment in the British Army having its own colours, Smart Turnout founder and Scots Guard Philip Turner found himself having to make his own jumper in regiment's chosen colours for a horse race at Sandown. So impressed by the garment were his fellow Army men that he began to make them their own. It follows that a new career and clothes line were born. The importance of colours is carried throughout Smart Turnout's clothing, accessories and watches, meaning you can easily combine all three in a sharp colour co-ordinated outfit.

So let's take a closer look at the watches Twisted Time are now proud to stock. First there's the Smart Watch. Made in Switzerland with a Swiss quartz movement, the Smart Watch looks like a classic, clean white face wristwatch, however, look a little closer and the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 numbering hints at a quirky and contemporary personality.

The London Watch is an ode to a city forever associated with the military. And yet, Smart Turnout again turned to Switzerland to make this smart and sophisticated watch. Not that we blame them. In addition to the Swiss quartz movement and the strong crystal glass case, the London Watch is set off by a silver case and the really rather British red and blue minute and second hands.

With its italic numbers, ivory face and polished stainless steel casing, the Heritage Watch is clearly a vintage inspired wristwatch. Featuring the all-important Swiss quartz movement sheltered under scratch proof crystal glass, we like the Heritage Watch for being a little bit different and yet just as timeless as Smart Turnout's other watches.

With a company like Smart Turnout being so open and committed to its military roots, one expects quite a lot from the watch they call the Military Watch. While it doesn't contain an inbuilt satellite phone or a GPS signal, it does combine striking design with ultimate functionality, just like the British Army timepiece it is directly inspired by. With numbers and details that light up for nighttime reading and a water resistance up to 50m it does have a little bit of James Bond about it too.

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