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New: Swedish Minimalism From Miró Watches

April 2, 2013.

Miro Watches

What do a Swedish watch brand, a Catalan painter and Twisted Time have in common?

The answer is the word Miró. This is the name of new Swedish watch brand, it is the name of the surrealist Barcelona born 20th century painter (whose sense of style inspired the watch name) and it is the latest addition to Twisted Time's growing collection of classic but contemporary cool watches available to buy now.

Miro Watches

The team behind Miró are open and honest about what they wanted to achieve with their timeless watch designs; simplicity, personal expression and a clean and flexible design that will compliment a T-shirt as well as a suit, a board meeting as much as a cocktail bar. Put bluntly, they wanted to create a "classic good looking watch".

Miro Watches

Miro Watches

It's hard not to sit back and tap your finger against your cheek and nod sagely that Miró's watches do indeed achieve precisely this. There's that uncomplicated and slightly curved watchcase, the clean hour and minutes markers and the soft and sophisticated leather straps. Their colour combinations keep it simple too with a choice from three different watch face colours – grey, black and creme – and a choice of three "rugged leather" straps; honey, nature, chocolate. In fact, the only thing missing from your wise, chin-stroking pose is one of Miró's classic good looking watches.

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