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Meet the man behind VOID Watches: David Ericsson

December 16, 2014.



With the new release of the limited edition V03D-GHOSTLY watch, the result of a collaboration by VOID Watches and Ghostly International, emerged from a mutual admiration and passion for independent design and creativity. We thought it was time to catch up with Swedish designer David Ericsson founder of  VOID Watches.

1. What did you do before launching VOID and what attracted you to watch design?
At university I got a master degree in mechanical engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, I know I wanted to make products but wasn't aware that there were Design schools… After graduating I got a fantastic opportunity to work at one of Sweden's largest design consultancies Zenit Design Group where I was mainly involved in the technical development in our projects and at the same time learning a lot about industrial design hands on. We did a lot of great projects and after about three years I was headhunted as a development manager for a Swedish owned company based in Hong Kong where I did projects mainly for companies in the cellphone industry. It gradually dawned on me that the corporate ladder was not for me and after exploring opportunities with a few different large international companies I decided to set out on my own. I had a good network and parallel to starting VOID Watches, consultancy work payed the bills. I've always loved watches (I got my first just before I started school, I still have it) and it was a natural choice of product. Hong Kong (where I live) is pretty cramped and I wanted to my own products and they had to be small so it was also a practical choice.


2. Is there a particular watch that you wish you had designed? What do you love about it ?
I see a lot of watches and I still think the collection Max Bill designed for Junghans is still the perfect watch, it's the perfect combination of modern and classic and everyone that tried to follow has always come up a bit short


3. What do you draw inspiration from when coming up with new designs?
It's hard to pin point but if I were to summarise it I try to look at anything but watches. Architecture always inspire me, new and old. Especially old.



4. What are your thoughts on all of the hype surrounding wearable tech?  Does it spell trouble for the traditional watch industry?
I think it's great. It's a very natural progression as electronics gets smaller and smaller. As of yet I haven't see anything that I'd actually wear/use myself by I'm sure the day will come. I'd say there's a good chance that Apple will be the company leading the way on this and I look forward to see if they come up with something no one else have even thought of.


5. Finally, how many watches do you have in your personal collection and which one is your most treasured (excluding your own designs)?
I'm not a big watch collector to be honest. I have a dozen or so, mainly vintage watches and my favourite is probably my old Omega Seamaster from the 1960s, it's small, simple and subtle. I also think you can't go wrong with a vintage Rolex Sea Dweller from the 1980s or older.

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