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Meet The Designer: Denis Guidone from Projects & Nava

April 28, 2014.

Denis Guidone

For the fourth installation of our 'Meet the Designer' series we caught up with Denis Guidone from Nava and Projects for a chat about watches.


1. What attracts you to watch design?

We are increasingly surrounded by digital devices that provide us the time and I felt that the watch was changing its function. I liked the idea of playing around with this change. I consider the dial as a small space within the watch so it is like a type of architecture that can be worn.


2. Is there a particular watch that you wish you had designed? What do you love about it?

Twelve by Naoto Fukasawa. It's just so simple.


3. What do you draw inspiration from when coming up with new designs?

The ethos watches I have designed would to be simplicity and at the same time paradoxal. I like the watches to reflect the temporal essence of our time, and I consider the dial as a metaphor of a "society without time", free from hours, finally free so that anyone can enjoy one's own time...


4. What are your thoughts on all of the hype surrounding wearable tech? Does it spell trouble for the traditional watch industry?

Personally I prefer analogue watches and I believe many other people feel the same way. I think there will always be a demand for traditional watches.


5. Finally, how many watches do you have in your personal collection and which one is your most treasured (excluding your own designs)?

It seems strange but I don't wear watches! The only watch I have (but I don't wear) is Tempo Libero (Swatch) designed by Bruno Munari.

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