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The Watch that makes Long Distance Relationships Easier

June 16, 2014.


Long distance relationships often feel cursed from the outset. Everything feels like it's against you and at the top of the list of invisible obstacles - or rather very visible in terms of miles - are time zones. Anyone who has ever had to factor in multiple time zones for a Skype call with a loved one or even a meeting with an international associate will know how they are tricky to handle and strangely difficult to remember.

But not anymore.

In the sweetest and most aesthetically-pleasing way possible Hong Kong based designer Kitmen Keung has created a watch that will help you live in two time zones. The Long Distance (LD 0.1) Watch has two watch dials for two time zones, neatly and simply displayed on a blank white watch face and protected under hardened mineral crystal. Set one to your time zone and the other for time zone of the one you miss all those miles away. One display is bolder in black, the other a little less obvious in a soft white, helping you focus on your primary time zone but always be aware of the other. Never miss a meeting, a Skype call or an opportunity to surprise them with "Goodnight" or "Good Morning" when you see what time it is wherever they are.

This minimalist design is Kitmen Keung's first watch that continues to see him establish himself as a designer of products that serve function as much as minimalist beauty.

Kitmen Keung Long Distance Watch in Silver Kitmen Keung Long Distance Watch Kitmen Keung Long Distance Watch Kitmen Keung Long Distance Watch

Twisted Time are proud to stock the LD 01 in silver and gold.

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