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Kibardin Design Ticks Outside the Box

January 20, 2014.


"I must govern the clock, not be governed by it," said Golda Meir, the former strong-willed Prime Minster of Israel and with this statement she very accurately describes the love-hate relationship we have with the passing of time.

One way to lessen the hold that time has on you, is to simply embrace it - because of course, there's nothing we can do to stop time from ticking on. And one way we can embrace it is by proudly displaying it on the walls of our homes and offices.

That's where we come in, because today we're introducing you to the latest additions to Twisted Time's fast-growing collection of designer clocks; KibardinDesign's Clock Box desk or wall clock and the White & White LED clock, which can be wall or desk mounted also.

These two designs obviously differ in size, substance and style, but they're united in their minimalism, their simplicity and their timelessness. It's no wonder Vadim Kibardin, the main man at this Prague-based design studio, has been named one of 40 designers who will change the world by Wallpaper magazine.

Let's take a closer look at the KibardinDesign clocks now availabel at Twisted Time.

White & White Clock kibardin-design-clock-white-white-2 kibardin-design-clock-white-white-4 kibardin-design-clock-white-white-5

White & White Clock (Black Edition)

kibardin-design-clock-white-white-black-1 kibardin-design-clock-white-white-black-2 kibardin-design-clock-white-white-black-3 kibardin-design-clock-white-white-black-4

Clock Box

Clock_box_1 Clock_box_2

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