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Welcoming Über-luxurious Watches by Junghans

June 26, 2013.

We’d like you to imagine that we have rolled out the virtual red carpet and hired some cyber trumpet players to accompany today’s announcement. We’re very honoured to welcome one of the most distinguished watch companies, Junghans watches, to our online shelves.

Junghans Watches

This German brand has been crafting incredibly luxurious and up-market watches since 1861, so needless to say they know what they're doing. The story of Junghans also proves this. The brand is named after Erhard Junghans, a German watchmaker who in the late 19th century chose to persevere against the trend of his times which saw mass produced, inexpensive watches from America dominating a market that was traditionally built on brilliant craftsmanship that only relatively few people are trained and accomplished in achieving to a high quality. Thus, the Junghans watch company ethic was born and their commitment to quality, class and craftsmanship lives on, while also adapting their designs to changing technology and trends. In fact, in the 1990s, Junghans became a trailblazer when it was the first watch brand to successfully build a wristwatch that receives radio signals.

Junghans Watches

While we applaud 19th century America for instigating accessibility of quality timepieces for all, we can't help but feel a little romantic about the art and tradition of watch making and we deeply admire Junghans for clinging to this. Yes, the watches are arguably expensive, but they are so because their individual creation has been nurtured by a very small and specialist team who monitor all the stages of each watch’s production including manufacturing and testing.

Junghans Watches

History lesson about timepiece craftsmanship over, let's introduce the Bauhaus-inspired Max Bill range of Junghans watches that we're very proud to now stock.

The Max Bill Automatic is a simple but stylish analogue watch. The watchcase is strengthened with Plexiglass and a stainless steel frame encases a J8000.1 automatic mechanical movement. Choose from the striking milanese silver bracelet or the instantly soft calfskin strap with a black or white watch face.

The Max Bill Chronoscope has a more detailed watch face with a second stop and also luminous hands. Again an automatic movement, Plexiglass and stainless steel insure the watch is durable and reliable. Twisted Time are proud to stock black calfskin leather strap and milanese silver strap versions.

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