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The Most Famous Watches from Films

March 20, 2014.

It began with Bond... James Bond.... and it has been continued by the likes of Marty McFly, Maverick and Jason Bourne. And if you don't know who we're talking about - or the magnificent wristwatches they've boasted in some of the best movies in recent decades - then read on to find out why we think the following are some of the best watches from movies we love.

Various, worn by James Bond


The ultimate spy wasn't just a ladies' man, he was also a wristwatch man, donning a wide range of the most famous classic watchmakers' creations from Breitling to Rolex. Many of the British spy's greatest gadgets have come in the form of his wristwatch - from the murderous wire garotte Omega watch in From Russia with Love to the Seiko Quartz watch with an in-built pager that printed out taper messages in The Spy Who Loved Me.

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Casio CA53W Databank Twincept Calculator Watch in Back to the Future I and II


Of course the time-hopping Marty McFly had to have a watch that was cooler than cool and the legacy of the Casio CA53W watch has continued among hipsters and follows of geek chic. At the time it was a pricey timepiece but these days its calculator functionality and calendar feature are obtainable for less than £20.00. This is considerably less than the $37,500 which were spent in a charity auction on a replica version of the Nike self-lacing shoes which featured in Back to the Future II!

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Ventura by Hamilton in Men in Black


It's funny that for all the alien-busting gadgets that the Men in Black were given, they didn't wear a more technical wristwatch. But let's not forget that they are a team of guys who wear nothing but tailored black suits and shades thus making their watch of choice, the classic vintage Ventura by Hamilton a perfect fit! Hamilton - often called the "Movie Brand" because so many of their watches have been featured in Hollywood blockbusters including Independence Day and 2001: Space Odyssey - even released a special updated version for Men in Black 3. As an additional bit of watch trivia, the Ventura is the same model of watch worn by Elvis Presley in the movie Blue Hawaii.

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Omega Speedmaster in Apollo 13


Perhaps the most worthy watch on this list, the Omega Speedmaster not only features in the award-winning film Apollo 13 but it also is credited with saving the real-life space mission of the same name from disaster when it was used in a very time-sensitive adjustments that ensured the crew's safe return to Earth. Of course, the watch was already famous having been the first watch to walk on the moon, on Neil Armstrong's wrist, and it remains one of only a few select ranges of NASA approved wristwatches.

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IWC Pilot's Chronograph Watch in Top Gun


There are more appearances of Maverick's wristwatch than you realise, until you start to look for it, but the model by IWC Schauffhausen - a company famous for its range of watches for pilots - now takes its name from the movie. While Tom Cruise has gone on to make many more watches famous in action packed films like Collateral and the Mission Impossible series, there is something special about his IWC time piece, not least because it's the only thing in the movie that doesn't scream 80s... not that this is a bad thing!

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Tag Heuer Link Chronograph CT1111, The Bourne Identity


Matt Damon wears this Tag Heuer watch throughout the first of the popular series of films about the spy Jason Bourne, based on the book written by Robert Ludlum. As Bourne and his watch go on something of a tour of Europe, and Bourne is starts to piece together who he is and what he must do, the Tag Heuer can be seen in many different scenes, though interestingly watch enthusiast blog Worn and Wound claims that the watch in the book was most likely a Seiko Quartz due to a reference to "the infinitesimal jumps of the thin, delicate sweep hand too agonizingly slow." A much in-demand watch, Bourne fans will pay up to $1000.00 for this watch even today 12 years after the film's release.

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Vintage Lancet watch in Pulp Fiction


While arguably not the most pleasant reference to a watch ever made in a movie, Tarantino and Christopher Walken fans will instantly recognise the vintage Lancet watch which Captain Koons passes on to the son of a fellow Prisoner of War who didn't return from the Second World War. An incredibly hard to find watch these days, it's believed the model was called the "WW1 Trench Watch" and the dial was made from porcelain. And if you've never seen the film before, here's the scene we're talking about.

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