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Let love rule your wristwatch: Introducing the draftsman series of watches by Nendo.

August 26, 2014.


A few weeks ago we shared one of our most recent arrivals to Twisted Time, the Bottle watch by Italian brand Nava Design, inspired by, the bottom of a beer bottle.

Today it's the turn of the Japanese brand Nendo and another seemingly every day object; the ruler.

The design group Nendo joined forces with a Japanese department store and launched a new wing of their collective to lead up their first wristwatch design. Called by | n - yes, "by | n" is their real name, not a typo - the team have just launched their first series of watches called the draftsman series, the first of which is called draftsman01.scale. And we're proud to say it's the latest watch on Twisted Time's shelves.

Nendo Watch

Perhaps we should backtrack a bit before we go on to admire how well this watch matches simple Japanese lines with quirky characteristics.

The drive behind Nendo's mission, work and reputation is Oki Sato, a Canadian-born but now Tokyo based designer who has won countless awards, been named Designer of the Year by Wallpaper* magazine and has had collections of work on display at New York's Museum of Modern Art and Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Even those with little design knowledge will know this makes Oki Sato kind of a big deal.

But back to the watches...

by | n state that the draftsman series of watches is inspired by the tools that draftsmen use "to prepare precise plans and drawings." Inspired by the markings on a ruler, the scale that you can see on the watch face is something of an illusion as the numbers actually float on the crystal, not beside the scale itself.


Nendo stated that they "hoped our design would function like a tool to help wearers measure time as they would measure length."

Either way, we're measuring up how good the watches soft leather straps and unusual, minimalistic design will look on our wrists and our response is: off the scale!


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