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What is it about Danish Design?

April 26, 2013.

Danish Design Watches

One of these days I'm going to grow a couple of inches, find my eyes have turned blue and that a horned viking helmet is sat atop my head. Why? Well, because of all the exciting Scandinavian designer watch brands that we are proud to keep adding to here at Twisted Time. I'm sure I'm morphing into an honourary Scandinavian by default. Not that I have any reason to quarrel about this. Who wouldn't want to be a viking?

But back to the present day and to watches. There are many good reasons why Swedish, Danish and Norwegian watch brands are so popular and a proud inclusion to our virtual shelves of smart designer watches. And specifically today, we're introducing Danish Design. Yes, literally. Danish Design is the name of a selection of watches designed by, you guessed it, Danish designers. Proud of their Double D logo - no giggling by the schoolboys in the back! - Danish Design describes the allure of Scandinavian creativity far better than we could by highlighting how Scandinavian style "stands for simple, elegant and non-obstructive design". In other words they make seriously slick looking watches.

Danish Design WatchesDanish Design Watch - IQ12Q723

The unique charm of Danish Design, however, is that the brand is not associated with one single designer, or even one design collective. Danish Design prides itself on inviting and working with a regularly changing conveyor belt of talented designers with the all important Danish roots. While the watch designers and designs change, Danish Design as a brand is committed to consistency with the regard to the high quality of the watches they create. All are anti-allergenic, come with a worldwide warranty and the brand prioritise comfort and affordability as much as elegant design.

Twisted Time are therefore very proud to stock a selection of the latest collection of analogue watches including the clean and classic IQ12Q723, the slick and silver IQ62Q975 and funky and futuristic IV24Q1022.

You can view the entire Danish Design collection here

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