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AÃRK watches sail to Twisted Time

July 2, 2013.

AARK Watches

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, AÃRK Collective is a small and independent team of creative souls who are responsible for reinterpreting the analogue watch with a little chunk, a lot of class and a whole load of charm. As featured in GQ Australia and adorned by any self-respecting post-hipster gentleman within a ten mile radius of St Kilda, AÃRK Collective watches are as sophisticated as they are funky, as serious as they are fun-loving; So how do they do that? Well, AÃRK Collective's ethic is focused on fusing design, functionality and aesthetics in happy harmony. And quality is kind of a big deal too as they source a reliably high standard set of components including a Japanese Quartz movement and 316L Stainless Steel. Add the soft caress of an Italian calfskin leather strap and you're looking at one of the sexiest things to come out of Australia since Kylie Minogue.

AARK Watches

AARK Watches

AARK Watches

It's for this reason that Twisted Time is proud to say "G'day" (sorry Aussie readers) to the following beautiful watches from AÃRK Collective.

AARK Watches

From the Classic range you can try on the Black Tie for size - a slick monochrome watch that will swagger well from work to play as soon you leave the office - or add a little texture and timeless class with the Tortoise watch, a nod to the suave and style of the past.

From the Timeless range you can show your dark side with Onyx, where gloss-coated hands tick round a stark matte-finished dial against a backdrop as dark as night. Or show your true metallic colours with the unapologetic gold case of the Karat watch, a must-have for any man who can wear gold without looking like Del Boy - a skill only a few good men possess.

And finally, for watches that are both sturdier and more striking, the Iconic range is the one for you. Choose from three colour combinations of a watch design that is solid and masculine without weighing down your coffee-cup-lifting, business-deal-making, squash-racket-wielding arm; that's one important arm you've got there.

Browse all AÃRK watches here.

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