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Nomad - Inline - Black/White/Natural

The Line timepieces are designed to act as precise tools for measuring time while retaining a playful edge. Each face features typical numerical, minute and hour markings but re-arranged in new compositions to add a fresh contemporary look.

The Inline moves all of the markings towards the centre of the dial leaving a clean outer band. The numbers 12, 3, 6 and 9 combined with the positioning and line weight of the hour and minute increments result in a beautifully minimalist dial.

A textured steel case, mimicking cast iron, injects a subtle element of Gaelic coarseness into the design. The texture visually speaks about the manufacturing process and shows the solidity of the material that sets it apart from other watches on the market.

A smooth chamfered hexagonal crown complements the case, and a Swiss made movement allows you to keep accurate time wherever you may travel.


Projects - Sometimes - Brass

The Brass Sometimes watch from Projects was created by the uniquely creative designer Denis Guidone. For Guidone the idea was to create a watch that served as a reminder of the importance of living in the now as time continues on regardless. The hands of the Brass Sometimes will perfectly align at certain times of the day, albeit for a short, fleeting moment. Just don't spend all your time waiting for those striking lines to all line up. It will happen, sometimes.

This particular model manages to perfect balance contemporary simplicity with a sense of classic refinement, as the stark, black dial is complimented by a brass coloured stainless steel case and matching hands.

The unisex watch measures at 36mm in diameter and comes fitted with a comfortable, stylish and sophisticated brown leather strap.

The Projects Brass Sometimes maintains perfect precision and reliability as It is powered by a Japanese made quartz movement. It also comes with a 12-month manufacturers warrenty.


Botta - Uno 24 - Black Special Edition

The German watch designer Klaus Botta decided upon a distinct innovation when it came to creating a 24-hour watch. Whereas most 24-hour watches are in fact digital, the UNO 24 range from Botta has the functionality and ease of use as any 24-hour watch, but within a purer, analogue form.

A light and dark shaded horizontal split represents night and day, with a hand that shows the position of the sun in the sky, this makes up the stylish dial of the Black Special Edition Botta UNO 24. What’s more is that this particular version of the UNO 24 is adorned entirely in a sleek black coloured housing and corresponding leather strap.

A Swiss-made RONDA movement is the driving force behind the watch, and ensures absolute accuracy and precision. The dial is situated behind sapphire, non-reflective glass. Like all Botta watches, the Black Special Edition manages to achieve an astounding look without compromising on design or functionality.


Projects - Past Present Future - Silver/Mesh (40mm)

With the Silver/Mesh Past, Present, Future watch from Projects, you are invited to live life in the present, as the past is in the past, and the future will come soon enough anyway. This unconventional watch tells the time as it is in that exact moment, with the past and future being completely obscured from view. Designed by Daniel Will-Harris, who is a pioneering digital graphic and typeface designer, this contemporary classic is a meditation on time itself, and despite its high concept remains minimal and stylish.

The Silver/Mesh version of Past, Present, Future features a stark white dial with a single red hand indicating the present time. The watch is encased within a brushed silver coloured stainless steel housing and comes fitted with a flexible, comfortable silver mesh band.

Measuring at 40mm diameter, the watch is perfectly suited to be unisex, and its solid construction makes it water resistant up to a depth of 100ft.


Eone - Bradley - Element

The Bradley Element features an innovative, three-dimensional surface — unlike any of the other Bradley models. The topography of the watch face contours toward each marker in alternating raised and lowered impressions. The redesigned case body is engineered from highly durable, scratch-resistant ceramic and is coated with a PVD plating, adding an extra level of durability. Completed by an adjustable, stainless steel mesh strap and an all-black matte finish, The Bradley Element offers cutting-edge design and quality materials all in one timepiece.

The Bradley Element features raised, beveled hour markers that allow you to feel the time by touch: elongated line segments for three, six, nine, and twelve, and shorter line segments for the other markers. Two magnetized ball bearings travel around the watch face in separate, recessed tracks: one track around the center of the watch face’s surface for the minute, and one track around the outside edge of the watch face for the hour.


Botta - Uno 24 Neo - White/Orange

No other watch out there manages to intuitively represent the course of the day as perfectly as the UNO 24. With the UNO 24 NEO, Botta have improved upon a classic with some simple, yet effective, upgrades.

The White UNO 24 NEO features a slightly longer hand for improved visibility - the 24-hour hand and the four quadrants are highlighted in a vibrant orange colour. According to findings of perception research, the human eye is particularly sensitive in low light conditions to the colour orange. Therefore the orientation of the dial and the position of the hands are particularly easy to see.

The White UNO 24 NEO is housed within a stainless steel casing, mounted on a calf nappa soft leather strap that quickly moulds to the wrist. A sapphire non-reflective glass protects the dial, and the Swiss-made movement drives the UNO 24 NEO and ensures reliability and accuracy.


Eone - Bradley - Classic Cognac

Modern design meets timeless character in The Bradley Classic. We pair the iconic, minimalist face of The Bradley with a tried-and-true leather band. Warm, cognac leather with ivory accented stitching compliments the cool, silver titanium case body in this well-rounded piece of craftsmanship.
The Bradley timepiece features raised hour markers that allow you to feel the time by touch: a triangular marker for twelve, elongated line segments for three, six, and nine, and shorter line segments for the other markers. Two magnetized ball bearings travel around the watch face in separate, recessed tracks: one track around the center of the watch face's surface for the minute, and one track around the outside edge of the watch face for the hour.


VOID - V03D - Black/Black/White

VOID are known to be explorative with watch design, and their V03 range certainly push the boundaries in terms of how a watch should look. The VOID V03D in particular is an analogue watch that playfully reimagines the dial in a starkly concise and stylish manner. The Black/Black/White V03D layers the minute numbers directly underneath the hour markers, keeping the roundness of the dial as the focus of the design.

The design of the Black/Black/White VOID V03D is reminiscent of famous works of the Art Deco era, where bold simplicity is instrumental in creating style that is truly timeless.

The Black/Black/White V03D is built to last and powered by a Japanese-made quartz movement for reliable accuracy, which is housed beneath mineral glass, encased within a black coloured stainless steel casing. The introduction of a second hand adds extra accuracy to a watch that was designed to be unisex and looks great on the wrist of both guys and girls.
The watch is mounted on a malleable genuine leather strap for added comfort, which will quickly mould to the owner’s wrist. The VOID V03D watch is water resistant to 3 atm and comes with a two year manufacturer's warranty.


VOID - PKG01 - Gold/Black/White

The PKG01 is a straightforward, slim timepiece with a quintessentially minimalistic aesthetic. Enclosed within a stainless steel case is a trusted Japanese made Miyota GM10 movement; this design driven watch is made to last. Following the modernistic principle that form follows function, every detail of the PKG01 has been thought of, with nothing left to chance.

The PKG01 is built to last and powered by a Japanese-made quartz movement for reliable accuracy, which is housed beneath mineral glass, encased within a stainless steel case. The introduction of a second hand adds extra accuracy to a watch that was designed to be unisex and looks great on the wrist of both guys and girls.

The watch is mounted on a malleable genuine leather strap for added comfort, which will quickly mould to the owner’s wrist. The VOID PKG01 watch is water resistant to 5 atm and comes with a two year manufacturer's warranty.


Botta - Duo 24 - Black/Green Special Edition

Botta’s range of DUO 24 watches have a unique 24-hour watch face display, which makes it possible to show the times of two separate time zones at once. This is done by having one dial on the inside of the watch that can be set to any given time zone, and an additional outer rim that’s for the current local time.

The Black/Green Special Edition Botta DUO 24 takes this concept and boldly creates something individually stylish. The case, outer rim and calf nappa leather strap are all a sleek black colour, whilst the key digits of the watch face are tinted in a sharp bright green.

For Botta, the details provide the essence of the watch. The Black/Green Special Edition Botta DUO 24 is the accumulation of these details. From the Swiss-made movement that guarantees absolute accuracy and precision as well as the sapphire, non-reflecting glass, to the hands themselves - everything comes together to create something that is both pleasing to the eye, yet solidly durable and long lasting.


TRIWA - Nevil - Duke Cognac Sewn Classic

Stylish design and modern colours are the DNA of Scandinavian watch makers TRIWA. For their newest model "Nevil" the label cooperated with Swedish tannery Tärnsjö who are a small organic Swedish Tannery known for their sustainable production. Both companies used their longtime experience and respective skills to create this timeless wrist watch.

Whilst TRIWA can take credit for the design and colours used Tärnsjö are responsible for the highly finished leather strap that holds this piece together.

This unisex time piece is great for guys or ladies who like larger statement time pieces.


AÃRK - Dome - Black

The Dome embraces curvature in design, accented through rounded lines and circular details. Taking cues from traditional timepiece construction, AÃRK delivers a contemporary take on the classic wristwatch refined with a matured aesthetic and premium focus in mind.

Expressed through three individual yet interrelated dial variations, a relationship between finish and feel can be identified for each case colour. Featuring raised graphic indexes working alongside a full extended second hand, the sapphire coated dome-shaped lens frames an atmospheric horizon, creating distorted perspectives and light refractions from different angles. Symbolic of the overall concept for this piece, the spherical crown and case body is acutely smooth ensuring maximum comfort and wearability.

Finished with beautifully embossed leather for a textural touch, the Dome represents restrained luxury driven by nostalgic values in a fast-paced digital age.


AÃRK - Classic - Tortoise

The timeless design of AÂRK’s classic range truly exemplifies the company’s dedication to finding the elusive balance of timeless and contemporary design. The minimalist design of the AÂRK Classic Tortoise is as much about functionality as it’s aesthetic beauty.

The Classic Tortoise has eye-catching features such as the hand-crafted tortoise acetate case (of which no two cases are ever the same), a durable plastic shell, internal stainless steel casing, Japanese Quartz movement and genuine leather strap, as well as a numberless watch face with striking geometric features. All of which comes together to create a timeless design.

As with any AÃRK watch, the Classic Tortoise undergoes rigorous testing in order to certify reliability, along with careful assembly by the most expert hands, all of which ensures that the AÂRK Classic Tortoise watch is built to last.


Nomad - Mòltair - Gold/Black

The Mòltair has been made with you in mind – someone discerning, who appreciates refined, understated quality. Each component of this watch has been carefully considered, from the Swedish organic leather strap to the Japanese movement. It is a watch that has been made with precision in mind, both in its timekeeping and appearance. Subtle detailing, such as the textured case and oversized hands give Samuel Wilkinson’s design a unique character, while a custom stainless steel backplate and clasp ensures the Mòltair is as resilient as it is stylish.


Botta - Duo 24 - Black Special Edition

The Black Special Edition Botta DUO 24 watch is perfect for frequent travellers. The unique design of the DUO 24 range allows wearers to know the time of two different time zones with a single glance. This is achieved via the striking dual-split watch face that features a numbered outer rim for local time, and an adjustable inner display that can feature the time zone of your choice.

The Black Special Edition version of this contemporary classic has a sleek design with a stark black casing and strap that envelops the timepiece perfectly, as well as precise Swiss-made movement which guarantees reliability and accuracy.

Following the manual assembly of each Botta watch, there is a multi-stage testing process. This ensures that your watch is built to the highest standard; that high level of care and attention to detail is what makes a Botta watch what it is.


VOID - V03D - Gold White

The V03D range of watches from VOID challenge the expected conventions of watch design, and in doing so they often create something that truly stands out from the crowd. In this particular model range, the VOID V03D, the typical 12-hour cycle is complimented by having five-minute intervals displayed beneath, all without making the display seem overly cluttered.

The Gold White VOID V03D features this very design and is housed within a stylish gold-plated stainless steel casing. The dial is coloured in a subtle off-white for a true sense of timeless refinement. A soft and malleable, brown coloured, genuine leather strap binds the watch to the wearer, quickly ensuring maximum comfort and style.

The watch is powered by a reliable and precise Japanese-made Miyota movement, which makes this model utterly dependable. It is also water resistant up to a depth of three atmospheres (30m) and comes with a two year manufacturers warranty.


Braun - BN0032 - White

In collaboration with the Braun design team in Kronberg Germany, Zeon & Partners have created an innovative range of Braun time pieces. They are characterised by their pure, highly functional and timeless design with no superfluous details. Every feature directly reflects a function. Rooted in over half a century of modern design at Braun, the core values of functionality, quality and aesthetics are reflected in all clocks and watches. The strength of clarity and simplicity of their design makes them a pleasure to use and to own.


Rosendahl - PICTO Mesh - Gold/Black

PICTO - a picture of time.

PICTO means picture, of course, so it is an excellent choice as the name of this watch. With its clean, minimalist graphic lines, PICTO represents a distinct picture of time in a way that no other watch does.
At the same time, its technical design is unique for a wristwatch.
The hour is indicated by a dot on the rotating dial, while the minutes are indicated by a conventional hand. PICTO is the first wristwatch created according to this rotating disk principle.


TRIWA - Spira - Ivory Brown Classic

Our interpretation of the 60's with a Scandi twist. Interpreted in brushed steel, ivory white and brown Swedish organically tanned leather.


Braun - BN0172 - Black 38mm

The innovative use of materials is a fundamental principle of the Braun product design language. The new BN0172 sees the full ceramic case introduced for the first time on a genuine leather strap. The matt, silky shimmering watch case with its reduced geometric form and the functional, simple dial with the iconic yellow second hand is a contemporary and yet classic interpretation of the Braun philosophy.