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Picto Watches

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Picto Watches

When you cut away all frivolous details, surely a watch would have to look very much like Rosendahl's PICTO series? The inspiration for Rosendahl’s PICTO comes from the minimalist PICTO clocks of the 1980s, these famous clocks are now part of a permanent exhibition at MoMa – the Museum of Modern art in New York City. PICTO was originally designed by Steen Georg Christensen and Erling Anderson who revolutionised the industry with the rotating disc principle of the clock, the popularity of which is due to its unique and innovative technology. These clocks have formed part of the Rosendahl Timepieces collection since 2011.

Rosendahl’s PICTO range, includes the PICTO Leather, the PICTO Medium and the PICTO Small. They all feature the same design where the hands do not move; it is the dial that rotates. The hour hand is a dot on the dial, and a hand indicates the minutes. The case, dial and strap form a complete entity. No digressions; no convolutions. A complete unit, with only one function: to tell you the time. The remainder of PICTO’s appeal can be accredited to its graceful simplicity, making the watches the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality. 

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