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by | n (Nendo) Watches

by | n (Nendo) Watches

The Japanese designer Oki Sato founded the Nendo brand in 2002. Sato studied architecture at university, and from which he developed an acute understanding of design and the subtle psychology of aesthetics. It was from this base of understanding that Sato built his watches based upon the instruments used by architects and engineers when they produced technical drawings.

The distinct form of a calibrated ruler directly influences the ‘01.scale’ series of watches. The scale marks are printed onto the crystal rather than the face, and in Sato’s own words he hopes that “our design[s] would function like a tool to help wearers measure time as they would measure length.” The ‘02.stencil’ watch series continues this idea, but instead of printing directly onto the face of the watch, the hours are laser-cut precisely into the crystal.  It is the hope of Oki Sato and the Nendo studio that the watches will "inspire wearers to become aware of the time that they measure for themselves, instead of simply following time as measured by others."

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