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Braun Watches

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Braun Watches

Braun watches are designed to provide you with “a quality and minimalist solution for your needs”, however, it’s worth noting that in the case of Braun, a minimalist solution does not at all mean compromising on style. Braun is proud of everything they produce, and their range of products isn’t limited to wristwatches alone. Twisted Time are delighted to include both their digital clock and weather station, as well as the RC digital projection clock, both of which are alluringly designed and unquestionably functional.

In addition to these clocks, a watch that manages to exemplify the Braun ethos is the Braun BN0021; this simple and modern design is a result of a collaboration between Braun and the British watchmakers Zeon & Partners. With a key focus on minimalism and functionality, this watch is as timeless as it is contemporary, reinforced by high quality materials and craftsmanship, all perfectly brought together to create a piece unlike any other, the perfect example of Braun’s enduring appeal.

Though the designs of Braun products vary from retro to futuristic they are consistently simple, slick and functional, creating a rich collection of men’s watches and accessories. With an appreciation of strong geometric design shining through, Braun Watches are all made of reliable and durable raw materials, which echo the German brands ethos of quality and precision. Braun Watches are timepieces that can be relied upon, and there has been no compromise with regard to their timeless design. 

Twisted Time is proud to be an official stockist of Braun Watches