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TAKE TIME: We catch up with NEVO Watches

June 16, 2015.

With the surge of smart watches hitting the market at the moment, you'd be forgiven for thinking that wearable tech is something new. The truth is wearable technology has been around since 1907, when German inventor Julius Neubronner invented what was arguably the first GoPro by attaching a camera to a pigeon. Thus the first go pro was invented, Today we are constantly seeing new methods to push the usability to meet the demands of our daily needs. The recent influx of smart watches sees the competition rise amongst smart watch ability. However we have yet to be introduced to a smart watch that combines the classic aesthetics of 'the traditional timepiece'  while incorporating a few snazzy tech features that we actually find useful and do we even need to mention the importance of battery life?!? So let us introduce you to the first worlds first minimalist smart watch:

Introducing the NEVO watch:

A0014192.tif 1

The Nevo watch lets you

Take a step and change your life. Set and achieve your goals for fitness, health, and sports

Stay connected with your people. LED and vibration alert for calls, texts, and more

Never be late again. Set a gentle wake up alarm and vibration alerts for important events


TAKE TIME with Nevo's head designer Christophe Branchu:

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your role at Nevo?

Well, I’m a French designer with a special interest in product and design branding. I am part of the team who founded Nevo, I take care of the design and branding. We started to think about this project last year, it’s incredible to see the evolution since then.

photo twisted timeChristophe Branchu

2. How would you describe a typical day in the office?

I’m not so much the early morning kind, I usually start working around 9AM and finish my day around 9 pm.
I begin by organizing my day, usually starting by E-mail reading and answering, Internet surfing to track new products and trends in watchmaking and design.
Then according to priority, co-operation with our webmaster, graphics designer, Developers or engineers.

My main tasks include:

- Evaluation of our existing nevo and constant improvements, updates on the design and UX
- Develop brand identity and visual direction.
-Lead the production of detailed wireframes, final designs for new products
-Ensure design coherency across all platform, communication support, languages
-Create guidelines which can be followed by Design Teams

3. What in particular inspired you to merge new technology with a traditional product?

Wearable is a new market in expansion, we wanted to catch this emerging trend. But on the other hand, I couldn’t imagine myself having to wear any of the existing fitness wearables, so I decided to design something I would first enjoy wearing, and then one which would have the benefits of smart features.

So instead of starting working on an electronic platform, I started from a watch platform to strike the right balance between a timeless product and one which is cool and modern. Nevo comes from the word new and evolution in French, because we consider nevo as a natural evolution of the watch market.


4. You recently had a very successful Indiegogo campaign to launch Nevo, it’s evident to see the advantages of the campaign in terms of how it has enabled you to develop and produce the Nevo watch. However had your campaign not have been as successful was there ever a plan B?

Well, we decided to do an Indiegogo campaign, not only for the money raising aspect, but mainly to get feedback from the market and potential buyers. If the campaign didn’t meet our goal, it would have been a good indication that we were heading in the wrong direction. In that case we would have re-evaluated our approach and product.

5. There is so much media attention surrounding the apple watch at the moment, people's opinions are as ever divided, where do you stand?

I have been quite surprised by the choice Apple made. I feel somehow a lack of vision compared to the other products they have made before. The finish and materials are prefect as with other Apple products, but this product doesn’t have the ‘wow’ effect on me. I think the second or third version will be much more interesting
I’m also impatient to see what usage the dev community will make out of it.

6. Why should customers buy your watch over another smart watch?

Our watch is very different than any other smart watch. So I think the choice is easy to make. If you look for a product to be a total continuity of your smartphone, I would advise to look more for a regular smart watch with an OS and a screen. But if you are looking for a watch that starts from the position of elegance and style, then adds only the most important features in a non-obtrusive way, then Nevo is the right product for you.


7. Are you wearing a watch today? If so describe the timepiece and why you chose it.

I’m wearing a Nevo! We are still at an early stage for Nevo, it is very important to wear it to evaluate and improve the product constantly. Besides Nevo I wear many watches, some others I recently discovered are the TID and AARK Collective

8. What do the next six months hold for Nevo? Are there any plans to develop the Nevo watch?

In the coming 6 months, I will work on UI improvement for the app, and I recently found an incredible leather supplier. So a high quality strap will be available soon with more colors and finish choices!
We will have the solar version coming for September and some co-branded watches as well!

Download the NEVO app here: NEVO APP

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